Sunday, January 8, 2012

Menu Planning Monday

It was so great to be back in the menu mode. It sure made the week run more smooth. I was able to exercise 5 days this week. I started running again. I am hoping I can run a full mile by the end of the month. As we get away from the holidays, the junk is dwindling. I also made breakfast all week for the family. I know that sounds crazy, but I have just never been one to do that. I feel great being able to do that. It was different to be home all week. Of course, I was still super busy.

This week we will be cleaning out the freezer. This will help with the budget.

Monday: pollo asado
Tuesday: basil pesto tilapia
Wednesday: chicken florentine
Thursday: fish tacos
Friday: ground turkey with bell peppers
Saturday: date night
Sunday: pork chops

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

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Stephanie said...

The tilapia sounds great! :-)