Monday, December 27, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

I am so happy to be getting back to my menu planning this week. Last week was insane and I didn't get a menu up, knowing with family in town and being gone every day, there wouldn't be much time to cook. I am ready to stop eating junk. My body and mind feel terrible. Food truly does affect you in so many ways.
We have one more week with the decorations up because we always celebrate with my husband's family around new years. We will eat better leading up to the party.

Monday: pizza for family, chicken caesar salad for me
Tuesday: chicken pot pie
Wednesday: chicken burgers
Thursday: pasta with chicken meatballs (Costco)
Friday: date night
Saturday: Ham and sunshine potatoes (Holt family Christmas party)
Sunday: grilled steak and chicken

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

So, this week we will be eating from the freezer. I want to start my baking soon and I might need the room. Most of the items are from Costco. Pretty boring week, but hey, we are eating. I still haven't made the potato soup that has been on the menu the last 2 weeks, but my sister did and said it was delicious. I won't bother to attempt it this week.

Monday: cheese tortellini with shrimp
Tuesday: chicken tacos
Wednesday: tilapia
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: chicken burgers
Saturday: date night
Sunday: pork roast

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Last week we really enjoyed the cranberry chicken . Maybe that's because it's the only thing I ended up making from my menu. However, I was completely unprepared with two of the four ingredients. So I had to improvise. In place of the catalina dressing and onion soup mix, I just used vidalia onion dressing. It was easy and still tasted good.

So, that means I get to move a couple of the recipes to this week. That makes planning easier. We got through two concerts last week and I think we only have one this week, but we have 2 different church dinners. Hooray.

Monday: Ground turkey with bell peppers
Tuesday: Relief Society Christmas Dinner
Wednesday: crockpot southwestern chicken
Thursday: baked potato soup
Friday: Church Christmas Dinner
Saturday: Husbands work party
Sunday: tilapia

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

What a great Thanksgiving we had. I love turkey so much. I'm not tired of it yet. I am freezing the rest, however and giving my family a break from it. We have lots going on this week and every week through December. Who doesn't? I really want to make good, healthy meals with all the junk that will be entering the house.

Monday:Baked potato soup
Tuesday:Christmas open house at my home (family on their own)
Wednesday:crockpot southwestern chicken
Thursday: ground turkey with bell peppers
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: date night
Sunday: cranberry chicken

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Thanksgiving week is upon us. I love Thanksgiving. Turkey is one of my favorite foods to make and eat. I am so thankful for all the bounteous blessings we have. I am thankful to have readers of my blog. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Monday: Beef roast with roasted potatoes
Tuesday: pasta with meatballs (Costco)
Wednesday: tacos
Thursday: Turkey with gravy and potatoes
Friday: Turkey enchilladas
Saturday: Date night
Sunday: Turkey pot pie

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

This week went so much better. I made three of the four planned meals. As we get closer to the holidays, I will probably be keeping it very simple and staying with tried and true recipes as opposed to trying out new things right now. I have been doing some baking. I am freezing for later use. Yesterday I made some fantastic banana bread muffins. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. I love to cook and after so many years I have mastered my turkey and potatoes and gravy. I will share those recipes next week. Let's just get through this week, shall we?

Monday: chicken tacos
Tuesday: tomato basil parmesan soup with cheese sandwiches
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: tilapia
Friday: pasta
Saturday: date night
Sunday: beef roast for Orson's 44th birthday

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

The past two weeks life has happened while I was making other plans. I didn't even bother to get a menu done last week. I know that with the holidays coming, I've got to get this under control. I have never had a busier time in my life. There is definitely more stress involved when I get home and don't have a dinner plan. Plus there is much less nutrition going in our mouths with last minute meals. This week is no less busy than the rest, and my husband is going out of town, which usually means we eat horribly. I am determined to get it together. Here goes nothing.

Monday: out to eat for Katie's 16th birthday
Tuesday: Katie's volleyball banquet at Tia Rosas
Wednesday: ground turkey with bell peppers
Thursday: spaghetti squash with marinara sauce
Friday: tomato basil parmesan soup
Saturday: date night
Sunday: turkey breast with mashed potatoes

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We did great following our menu until Friday hit. Then, not so much. We had to attend a funeral and my husband went out of town. So, I am still anxious to try the tortilla soup and mexican casserole. We will try to get them in this week. Of course, we are coming up on Halloween as well as the last week of volleyball for the girls. So, it will be busy, busy, busy. Luckily I cooked a ton of chicken that will make a couple of meals much easier. We will be participating in the trunk or treat at our church on Saturday, where we also have a chilli cook off. I will need to find a fun new recipe to try. Also, my daughter broke her foot on Friday and we will need to get into the orthopedist quickly. Luckily she has a great boot and some crutches. The fun never ends.
I have also been baking like crazy so I can send a fun Halloween package to my son in college.

Monday: chicken nachos
Tuesday: tortilla soup
Wednesday: lasagna (froze it a couple of weeks ago)
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: date night
Saturday: chicken or turkey chili (still looking for great recipe)
Sunday: mexican casserole

Don't forget to check or organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Last week we got back to town mid week and I never got a menu planned. We survived, but I really rely on this menu plan more than I ever could have imagined. I have started making a few freezer meals as the weeks are getting busier and we approach the holiday season. Otherwise we just want to eat all the goodies we are making.

Monday: fish tacos with leftover tilapia
Tuesday: steak, chicken burgers and hot dogs
Wednesday: roasted chicken
Thursday: spaghetti with turkey meatballs
Friday: tortilla soup with quesadillas
Saturday: date night
Sunday: mexican casserole

Don't forget to check or organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Last week the big hit were the taquitos. I made half chicken and half steak. They were really good. This coming week is busy with concerts and preparing to leave for fall break on Friday. We are going to visit my son at college and get some photos of the kids for Christmas cards. So, yesterday I cooked a crockpot full of chicken to help the week go smoother.

Monday: chicken tacos
Tuesday: ground turkey with bell peppers
Wednesday: ravioli(Costco)made into a lasagna
Thursday: spaghetti squash with chicken
Friday: On the road to Utah
Saturday: BYU Homecoming game
Sunday: Dinner with the Millers

Don't forget to check or organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

My first week of work is over. It went well, but last night I started feeling a little stressed. We did manage to do pretty well on our menu and it was a big help. Our favorite was the Grilled fish tacos with cilantro lime vinaigrette

This week I am going to be working from the freezer a little bit. The weeks just don't seem to be getting any less busy.

Tuesday:bbq sandwiches (from freezer)
Wednesday: tilapia
Thursday: spaghetti squash
Friday:date night
Saturday:dinner out with the girls
Sunday:turkey medallians with mashed potatoes

Don't forget to check or organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We stuck to our menu pretty well last week. I forgot about the daddy daughter campout on Friday, so we are having the fish tacos this week. Our favorite meal was the chicken veggie quesedillas. I would probably add more veggies next time.

If I thought the last month has been crazy, I ain't seen nothin' yet. Today I am starting a part time job 3 days a week. Now, more than ever my meal planning is crucial to keeping my sanity and my family fed. It will be an interesting transition, but this is the only way to go.

Monday: Grilled fish tacos with cilantro lime vinaigrette
Tuesday: grilled chicken burgers and got dogs
Wednesday: Italian chicken (canned by my mom) with spaghetti squash
Thursday: taquitos
Friday: Date night
Saturday: Salad at RS broadcast
Sunday: BBQ steak

Have a great week. Don't forget to check or organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

The last few weeks have not gone well in our menu planning. Last week I never got a menu done and you know how that always turns out. A lot of frozen chicken nuggets and ramen. The week before, I had a menu and never used it. We had family in town and ended up eating out every day. Yuk. My life has gotten crazier in the last 4 weeks since I was called to be the Relief Society President. What I know is that there was a reason I have been successfully menu planning since January. I am in the habit and it is going to help my family even more so now that I am super duper busy. I will forever be grateful that I came across organizing junkie's blog to make this a part of my life.

Monday: crock pot carolina pork roast
Tuesday: bbq pork sandwiches
Wednesday: crockpot rotisserie chicken
Thursday: chicken veggie quesadillas
Friday: grilled fish tacos with cilantro lime vinaigrette
Saturday: date night
Sunday: breakfast for dinner including fluffy french toast

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Last week was only the second time this year that I haven't posted a menu. We finally took our son to college and I didn't leave any menu for the two girls I left at home. They somehow survived on their own.

This week is crazy. I have something going on every day and night as well as my parents coming to town. Tuesday I'm going to Costco, so I will probably be getting some fresh premade meals to save me time.

Monday: ground turkey with bell peppers
Tuesday: Sonic after two different volleyball games
Wednesday: Salmon
Thursday: Pasta
Friday: hamburgers and hot dogs
Saturday: dinner out with family
Sunday: BBQ chicken and steak

Don't forget to check out all the great menu ideas at Organizing Junkie.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Last week I was extremely grateful for our menu. Now I can't imagine life without doing a menu plan. School started on Wednesday and it was a hectic few days getting back into the groove. I made breakfast on the first day of school. I found the
Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes to be delicious. I have yet to find a recipe that is all whole wheat that I like. This one was half whole wheat and half white flour. They cooked up great.

We really enjoyed the White chili with ground turkey . It was different than any I'd ever made. Too bad in was 110 degrees outside. We probably won't have it again for a few months.

Yesterday we had a going away dinner for my son who is headed to college this week. I ended up making two kinds of lasagna and they were a big hit. Our favorite was the chicken lasagna which I will make again this week.

Monday: BBQ with friends
Tuesday: chicken lasagna
Wednesday: salsa chicken and ranch florentine tostadas
Thursday: ground turkey with bell peppers
Friday: Family dinner out
Saturday: Date night
Sunday: Crock pot pork roast

Don't forget to check out all the great menu ideas at Organizing Junkie.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Last week was a success. My son found a job on campus and he was able to come home because he doesn't start for a couple of weeks. I'm not sure how my family followed my menu and I decided not to ask. They all survived somehow.

School starts this week and I may start planning some breakfasts as well. I'm not making long term promises. I know if I try to do too much then I can get stopped in my tracks. I've never been one to prepare breakfast for my family on a daily basis. When you have 5 kids in 4 different schools that all start at different times, then it's usually easier for them to fend for themselves. At least that's what I tell myself. Plus, with my son going away to college, my best eater who is willing to try new things will not be here. So, I may try a few this week and see how it goes. I will keep you posted.

Monday: Chicken Caesar Wraps
Tuesday: Back to school dinner
Wednesday: 5 minute southwest layered salad
Thursday: White chili with ground turkey (making in the crock pot)
Friday: BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs
Saturday: Date night
Sunday: Pasta Bar

Breakfast ideas
Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes
Egg Bake
Scrambled eggs with red potatoes

Don't forget to check out all the great menu ideas at Organizing Junkie.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

So last week I mentioned that I might have to make a 12 hour trip on short notice. On Thursday my son got a job interview for Monday on campus. So yesterday he and I drove to Utah with his room packed in the car. School doesn't start until the 30th, but we just don't know what the job opportunities will be. So, we came with the hope that he will be able to go back home for a few days to say goodbye to everyone. We aren't sure of anything yet. I packed for one week.

That being said, I left my family with an easy menu for the week. My 15 year old is in charge and she'll do great. My husband told me only to plan 3 meals and he would take care of the rest. What a great guy! So, here is a very simple week.

Monday: pork roast (pressure cooked and bottled by my mom) with a packet of mashed potatoes
Tuesday: breakfast for dinner-scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes
Wednesday: daddy's bringing home pizza
Thursday: Spaghetti and meatballs (frozen ones from Costco)
Friday: Daddy date night with the 4 girls
Saturday: I hope to be home for my date night
Sunday: It will have to be a surprise

Don't forget to check out all the great menu ideas at Organizing Junkie.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

So I didn't exactly stick to my plan this week. I had great intentions, but in the end I got lazy. In cooking, sometimes you've just got to compromise or improvise. I did a little of both. For example, instead of the mahi and vegetables, I made tilapia and served it on shredded lettuce. I've got to get the recipe up on my food blog, but basically I cooked the fish on the stove in a skillet and topped it with dijon mustard, bragg amino acid, and agave. You can also finish it off with crushed pecans or walnuts. I did barbeque some chicken, but didn't go to the trouble of making kabobs. Fry's does have them on sale for $7 so I might do that. I didn't get shrimp, so I'll be moving that to this week.

I did have success on Sunday with the pork roast. My family wasn't real sure about the sweet and savory taste, but I loved it. I had to compromise and improvise because I was cooking it in my crock pot. I tried the rub, but didn't have any chili powder. When it was done I made a mixture of brown sugar and bragg amino acid and put it on top and warmed it in the oven while I made the potatoes and gravy. I'm not sure if I'll try it again. I probably will keep looking for other ideas because we eat pork roast quite a bit.

We are winding down on summer as our kids go back to school on August 11. (Yuk! Too soon!) Plus we are getting ready to take our oldest to college. He is looking for an on campus job, so I might have to make the 12 hour drive with not much notice. So I am going to work on some freezer meals over the next couple of weeks. I'd love it if you had any great ideas to share.

One last note in this very long post. Today is the 10th anniversary of Pei Wei. If you live near one, you can print a coupon for 2 entrees for $10 good only for today. Just click on the link on my menu. Enjoy!

Monday: Pei Wei 2 entrees for $10
Tuesday: Northern Italian shrimp and broccoli
Wednesday: Wedding reception for my neighbor
Thursday: Crockpot chicken (breasts w/chicken broth & zesty italian dressing)
Friday: chicken enchilladas (see recipe below) (freezer meal)
Saturday: Date night
Sunday: Pasta bar (turn into freezer meal)

Turkey Enchiladas (or chicken)

2-3 cups turkey, shredded
1 doz. Flour/corn tortillas
1 small can diced green chilies
1 lb. jack cheese, grated
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 can water
1 16 oz. container sour cream

Combine sour cream, soup, water and chilies.
Dip tortillas into mixture.
Fill tortillas with chicken and cheese.
Roll and place in 9x13 in. pan
Pour the rest of the mixture on top.
Sprinkle with any remaining cheese.
Bake at 350 for 30-40 min.

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

This week was a great success. I made everything I had planned and they were all very good. I guess if I had to pick my favorite it would be the salsa dump chicken, with the BBQ chicken salad coming in a very close second. My husband loved the cilantro in the dressing. The kids were not big fans of the salad. No big shocker there.

This week I am going to be trying out some recipes from Take Shape for Life's new Lean and Green Cookbook. In my weight loss program, I eat a lean and green meal every day in addition to 5 prepackaged meals and 2 snacks. Just as with anything else, I get to making the same things. Each week when I cook for my family I just adapt what they are having. I never make 2 different meals. That would make me crazy. So, I am excited to have these dishes to try that are all portioned out for me. So, I'll be posting the recipes next week with the ones I loved. Sorry there won't be any fun links for you.

Monday: chicken, black bean and corn burritos using leftovers from yesterdays salad
Tuesday: zesty grilled vegetables and mahi mahi
Wednesday: lemon scallion chicken and vegetable kabobs
Thursday: northern italian shrimp and broccoli
Friday: turkey burgers
Saturday: date night
Sunday: pork loin (I'll be trying the rub and glaze, but using my crock pot. It's 115 degrees here!)

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Wow, we had such a fun vacation. The weather in Southern California was divine. The highest temp we saw in 10 days was 80. I won't even see that for the low in Arizona for the next 3 months. Oh well, back home and ready to eat good home cooked food again. Although we ate at some pretty scrumptious restaurants. Tomorrow we'll be eating from the freezer until I can get to the store, and then I'm hoping to try some new recipes. I had a little withdrawal not posting last week, but I didn't mind sleeping past 6:00 a.m.

Monday: barbeque hamburgers and hot dogs
Tuesday: Sauteed shrimp with arugula and tomatoes
Wednesday: Sweet salsa dump chicken
Thursday: Chicken spaghetti
Friday: Honey ginger grilled salmon
Saturday: Date night
Sunday: BBQ chicken salad with cilantro ranch dressing

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

This week we are getting ready to leave on vacation. So, I am going to keep my menu simple and try to cook from my freezer. I don't want to spend too much time or money at the grocery store. This menu will probably seem boring. Sorry.

Modnay: leftover chicken enchilladas
Tuesday: spinach raviolli (frozen from Costco)
Wednesday: homemade pizzas on tortillas (or little caesars)
Thursday: grilled burgers (also frozen from Costco)
Friday: Leave for vacation

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu Planning Monday (100th post)

What a great week we had. I made the pecan and dijon crusted chilean sea bass over zucchini slaw with mahi and without the slaw. So it ended up being pecan and dijon crusted mahi mahi. I turned out to be delicious. I rarely cook my fish on the stove so I was a little nervous, but it went well. I simply served it over a bed of shredded lettuce because I was too lazy to make the slaw. Maybe another time.

My husband and I spent a few days in California at the beach to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary, so I was able to enjoy fresh seafood, which I love. We ate at Beaches in Manhattan Beach and I had the most wonderful tropical halibut. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I was so hungry that I forgot.

Our actual anniversary is this week, so I will be spoiled with another fine dinner. The kids are happy to have me back and cooking for them. (I think!)

Monday: leftover grilled chicken with creamy mashed potatoes
Tuesday: spaghetti squash (never made it last week)
Wednesday: anniversary dinner at Donovans
Thursday: ground turkey and bell peppers
Friday: chicken enchilladas
Saturday: date night
Sunday: pork roast (in crock pot)

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Alright, I did not make one thing from my menu last week. This should make this weeks planning much easier. However, with all the schedule's this week, I can't see one night where we will all be home together except Sunday. Here's to looking forward to a great family dinner on Sunday.

Monday: chicken tacos
Tuesday: pecan and dijon crusted chilean sea bass over zucchini slaw
Wednesday: spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs
Thursday: leftovers (clean out that fridge)
Friday: oatmeal pancakes
Saturday: pizza (takeout)
Sunday: grillin-turkey burgers

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

This week, the Crockpot chicken tacos were my favorite. I added more chicken breasts, so I should have added another can of corn and beans. But, it was still delicious. The week was so much calmer and it was nice to not have homework and the like to deal with. The beginning of summer is always so fun. Tomorrow the swim lessons begin and that brings more routine to our lives, for better or worse. We've also got one starting tennis. Of course we are going all summer long with the 6:00 a.m. open gym for the volleyball player. I've got to get to bed earlier. I really want to keep it so simple this week.

Monday: salmon quesadillas
Tuesday: wedding reception
Wednesday: pecan and dijon crusted chilean sea bass over zucchini slaw
Thursday: spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs
Friday: oatmeal pancakes
Saturday: date night
Sunday: grillin-turkey burgers

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Wow! What a week we had. I am so exhausted from all the festivities that I was tempted to put off menu planning; for a moment. But, I know what a difference this has made for our family and my sanity. We are officially on summer break now and we have a high school graduate in our home. In less than 3 months he will be off to college, and I will lose my best eater. Anyway, it should be an interesting week as we adjust to being together again.

Monday: leftover pulled pork from last nights graduation dinner (or barbeque)
Tuesday: My birthday dinner, hopefully not at home
Wednesday: Grilled honey lime chicken
Thursday: Crockpot chicken tacos
Friday: Grilled salmon
Saturday: Nathan's 18th birthday dinner
Sunday: Breakfast for dinner

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

It's finally graduation week. That means something going on at someone's school every night this week. Add to that my sister and 5 kids arriving along with my parents, and we are talking a full house. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. We are sooooo excited. So, this is my best guess for how the weeks menu will go. I was going to try this recipe but we ate all the tortellini last week and I had forgotten I had this slated. So, I'll have to push it back until I buy more tortellini.

Monday: whole wheat waffles

Tuesday: tacos

Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs

Thursday: Dinner at Outback before graduation

Friday: Dinner out for my baby sister's birthday

Saturday: Whatever is left in the fridge

Sunday: Pulled pork sandwiches (graduation party)

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

The lemon butter cod filets were easy to make and it was a nice change from the plain way I usually cook fish.

It's heating up so it's time to start utilizing my crock pot and grill more. Still trying to keep it very simple as we draw even closer to graduation.

Monday: fish tacos

Tuesday: hamburgers and turkey burgers

Wednesday: turkey loin in crockpot (from Costco) and mashed potatoes

Thursday: leftovers from last night

Friday: spaghetti and meatballs

Saturday: date night

Sunday: barbeque chicken and steak

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Lasts weeks new meal was the Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Chicken and Veggies. The family was happy with it. I tend to do things more simply. It probably would turn out better if I went to the work of using a whole chickent and so forth, but I opted for frozen, pre-cooked chicken and so I had to add butter to make the gravy. All in all it was a success. We had a wonderful barbeque for Mother's Day. Thanks to my husband, the grill master. It was greatly appreciated. My mom was here and made a corn and black bean salad. Yum. I will try to get the recipe on my other blog after I upload pictures.

My mom took me to Costco and I was able to fill my freezers with lots of fun food. So, we will be utilizing those timesavers for our menus this week. As we get closer to the end of school (2 1/2 weeks) and my son's graduation, things will be crazy, and I know I need to be stocked and keep it simple.

Monday: shredded beef and chicken fajitas

Tuesday: Mother/Daughter dinner at church (boys are on their own)

Wednesday: Chicken and cheese ravioli

Thursday: lemon butter cod filets (I will use tilapia or mahi)

Friday: shredded pork (canned last year)

Saturday: barbeque at Nathan's gymnastics banquet

Sunday: turkey and potatoes

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Developing Good Habits

I have had this subject on my mind for weeks. Thoughts come so clearly to me when I'm running, however, they slow down or fade as I enter the house.

Habits are funny. It feels like it takes forever to develop a good one and only a moment to develop a bad one. This is the definition of what I am talking about.

A habit is an automatic pattern of behavior in reaction to a specific situation; may be inherited or acquired through frequent repetition.

Not exercising is a bad habit. Exercising is a good habit.
Eating without thinking is a bad habit. Eating for fuel with intention is a good habit.

Our bodies were meant to move. You don't have to run to exercise. But you have to do something. You would have to do massive amounts of exercise to change your weight without changing your eating habits.

We habitually eat too much. Before I began this journey, I would eat until I was beyond full; at just about every meal. I would eat when I wasn't even hungry. Bad habit.

My dad is a great example. He has been playing tennis for 20 years. So, he was in pretty good shape. His nightly habit was to watch TV while eating popcorn and drinking a Pepsi. He would top it off with ice cream. Every single night. Several months ago he started working with a trainer and attending boot camps as well as running. His body started to change. However, when he gave up ice cream and Pepsi he became a different person. He took off 20 pounds and completely changed the way he looked. He is buff and has incredible abs. He is 66 years old.

It starts now. What habit can you change this very minute? For me, every day, every meal is a chance to change years of bad habits. Good habits bring happiness.

Pass it on.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We enjoyed some great meals last week. The Taco pasta
we will try again. I halved the recipe but added too much pasta, so it was dry. I might also add zucchini to it.
For this weeks menu, I am digging into my freezer and cupboards.

Monday: Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Chicken and Veggies
Tuesday: fish tacos
Wednesday: turkey burgers
Thursday: chili
Friday: tortellini (from Sams Club)I will have spaghetti squash
Saturday: date night
Sunday: Mother's Day surprise

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We did much better this week following the menu. However, we ate out for 2 nights and so I still have not tried the taco pasta. I am going to put it here one more time.

Monday: Chicken lettuce wraps

Tuesday: Taco pasta

Wednesday: Pesto topped Mahi Mahi

Thursday: Crockpot Fajitas

Friday: Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Chicken and Veggies

Saturday: date night

Sunday: Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

Check out organizing junkie for lots of great menu ideas

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mile times

My fastest 5 mile run so far.

Mile 1-12:27

Mile 2-12:36 Total 25:03

Mile 3-12:22 Total 37:26

Mile 4-12:44 Total 50:11

Mile 5-12:41 Total 1:02:52

The Mind

The mind is so very powerful. It tells us what to do every second of every day. From my experience, there are many ideas we hear in our mind that simply are not true. They may have come from others, or we may be creating them ourselves. Whatever the case may be, we can control our thoughts and bring about amazing results in our lives.

Just the other day, I cooked my shrimp with the skin still on. In my mind I could hear the thought, "You are such a moron!" However, I stopped it by speaking outloud, "It's no big deal. I was anxious to cook this and I didn't look as I dumped the shrimp into the pan." Then, it was over. I could have continued to berate myself for the rest of the evening and into the next day. But I didn't.

So, what stopped me? I have been reading a book called, "What to Say When you Talk to Yourself." I have had this book on my shelf for at least 15 years and never once cracked it open. I have learned the information many times over in my Mary Kay training, but reading the book is really helping me. I highly recommend you find yourself a copy.

I can't state enough that this journey is about much more than eating the medifast meal replacements. The name of the company is TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE! Look at those words. I am changing my whole life forever. This is not a short term success for me. This is what I want to live for a lifetime and pass on to my family. I love my better health. I love how good I feel. I love how much better I look.

I hope you are in a place where you can take your health and wellness seriously. This is your life. You've got to treasure it. It is your most precious possession. You are the one responsible for what you do every day. I am passionate about inspiring you to be your best. It is a lifelong process and journey. But it is one of the best I have been on.

Am I too harsh? Have a said too much?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

After only planning 4 meals last week, we only made one, and that was the left overs. So, we'll move everything to this week.

Monday: Grilled shrimp w/bell peppers
Tuesday: Taco pasta
Wednesday: turkey burgers
Thursday: Cheesy Zucchini Bake
Friday: spaghetti squash with marinara
Saturday: date night
Sunday: some sort of fish

Check out organizing junkie for lots of great menu ideas.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

At Last

I finally have a new picture to show. At this point I am down 64 pounds from where I started. I am really proud of myself. I can't remember the last time in my life that I felt that way. Most of the time I felt like a failure. Isn't it funny that when you feel so bad about yourself that it filters down into every area of your life.

I must say, though that there are times when I look in the mirror and I still see a big girl. That programming may take a while to overcome. But, it is important to overcome! There are plenty of skinny girls who think they are fat. But, as I keep reminding myself, this is all about health and longevity. I need to look in the mirror and see someone who is healthy. That is my goal and my passion to share with others.

Are you healthy?

Here we go:

220 pounds

156 pounds

Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

This weeks menu will be short since we are headed to San Diego to see Nathan compete in the Regional gymnastics championship. I promise that before I leave town I will have my new before and after picture posted. It is totally worth the wait.

Monday: leftover pork roast

Tuesday: Grilled shrimp w/bell peppers

Wednesday: Taco Pasta

Thursday: Cheesy Zucchini Bake

Remember to check out organizing junkie for a ton of help with your menu.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easier or Harder?

Today I did my second five mile run. I knocked 3 minutes off my previous attempt. I did it in an hour and five minutes. My fifth mile was actually my fastest at 12:38. It was easier this time. My knees and hip ache a little, but I feel good while I'm running. I felt pretty tired for the rest of the day. It's interesting how easy 3 miles seems now. I don't know that 5 will ever feel that way, but we'll see. I don't know how often I'll push myself that far. I'm getting close to 10K length, though, and that might push me onward for more.

However, I find my weight loss is getting harder. Mainly because I don't feel as driven as I did in the beginning. I look and feel so different now. (I promise to post a picture in the next week)
I just bought a pair of shorts in a size 6. (Down from size 18) I find that now I tend to put extra in my mouth, or slack off on my exercise. In talking to my health coach yesterday, I was reminded that this is my life. This is my health. It is something I have to work on every day of my life. If I don't care about it, who will? There will always be good and bad choices around me. I just have to make more good ones than bad. I really don't want to sabatoge myself and fool myself into thinking that this weight is okay for me. It's not the healthiest place for me to be. I have 26 more pounds to lose to reach my goal. I know it will be slower, but I need to make sure I don't slow it down more than necessary. I am going to finish this goal and continue on this journey and pass it on.

My desire is to help those who want better health. If I can do it, anyone can.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

What a great Easter we had. I took the entire day off from my healthy eating plan for the first time in 6 months. I don't know how I used to eat like this on a daily basis. The aftermath is so not worth it. I feel bloated and I felt like falling asleep after dinner. I can't wait to get back to basics tomorrow. My body will thank me. We are going to keep it simple this week.

Monday: barbeque at park (hot dogs and turkey burgers)
Tuesday: turkey pot pie
Wednesday: tilapia
Thursday: spaghetti squash marinara
Friday: crock pot chicken
Saturday: date night
Sunday: pork roast

Remember to check out organizing junkie for a ton of help with your menu.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Monday: Salmon tacos
Tuesday: Honey Glazed chicken
Wednesday: Tomato basil pesto pasta
Thursday: Cafe Rio chicken
Friday: shrimp caesar salad
Saturday: dinner out with girls
Sunday: Easter dinner

Remember to check out organizing junkie for a ton of help with your menu.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

5 Miles

This week I ran 5 miles without stopping for the first time in my life. It was tiring. It made my knees hurt. I mean, it made all of me hurt, my the hurt in my knees lingered. I ran sprints on Wednesday, and then I was done for the week. Yesterday I was still having pain walking on the stairs. I am hoping that I can run again tomorrow. Here are my lap times for my first historic 5 miler.

Mile 1-12:37
Mile 2-13:04 total 25:42
Mile 3-13:03 total 38:45
Mile 4-12:52 total 51:38
Mile 5-12:48 total 1:04:26

I hope I don't have to retire now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Memo to Me

I just need to have a little discussion with myself.

Did you forget that this was a journey of health?
Do you realize that your weight loss is a bonus of good health?
Are you seeing that sometimes your body takes a little break before it lets more weight go?
Do you know that you have lost 63 pounds in 5 1/2 months?
If you don't love and respect yourself, who will?

I have avoided posting over the last month because I did not lose any weight. I was ashamed. I was hard on myself. However, I still made healthy choices. My mind is still made up that I have changed my body and probably added years to my life. As my husband pointed out, I have just taken 16 years of fat off in 5 months. That is incredible.

Due to my pride, I have missed out on recording some great runs, one of them being my 10:25 minute mile. I am sorry to my 4 loyal readers. I will not disappoint you or myself again. This will be a lifelong journey for me and I want as many people along for the ride as possible. It is hard for me to watch people who I love not be concerned about their health, just as I was for so long. I hope to be a good influence.

Stay tuned for info. on todays 5 mile run. Wowza!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We did better this week. Both the parmesan chicken and chicken a l'orange were good. I left a roast in the crock pot on Sunday for the family, and Orson made gravy all on his own. I'll be posting my gravy tips soon on the Next Generation Cooks. Have a great week.

Monday: Fajitas
Tuesday: Beef pot pie
Wednesday: Grilled salmon
Thursday: crock pot chicken
Friday: homemade pizzas on whole wheat pitas
Saturday:teen girls and I eat at YW broadcast
Sunday: breakfast for dinner

Remember to check out organizing junkie for a ton of help with your menu.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We did a terrible job of following our menu last week. I don't know what it was. Oh well, luckily the weeks just keep coming. My kids are on Spring Break, so we'll see how it goes. I am transferring much of last weeks menu to this week.

Monday: chicken and steak fajitas
Tuesday: Baked chicken parmesan with spaghetti squash
Wednesday: homemade pizzas on mini whole wheat pitas
Thursday: Chicken a' l'orange
Friday: BBQ burgers and hot dogs
Saturday: date night
Sunday: Nathan and I in Tuscon for gymnastics state championships. Family to eat elsewhere.

Remember to check out organizing junkie for a ton of help with your menu.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We only had 3 of our 6 planned meals this week. That makes this week easier to plan. They hawaiian haystacks were an ordeal. My new rice cooker took forever to work. I don't know what the deal was. Plus the chicken gravy was so thick. I don't think it needed quite so much flour. I will have to experiment, because the older 2 kids loved it.

Monday: Baked chicken parmesan
Tuesday: chicken and spinach lasagna (premade chicken and spinach ravioli from Sam's club layered with Ragu)
Wednesday: homemade pizzas on mini whole wheat pitas
Thursday: Chicken a' l'orange
Friday: Breakfast for dinner
Saturday: date night
Sunday: BBQ chicken and steak (3rd tries a charm, right?)

Remember to check out organizing junkie for a ton of help with your menu.

Pathetic Excuses

We all do it. We make excuses for why we do things or can't do things. I have spent a lifetime making excuses. It was apparent today as I was running. I was making excuses even to myself. If I can't even be real with myself, then I am in trouble. Here are some of the pathetic excuses I told myself.

It's too hot. (in 4 months it won't even be this temp in the middle of the night)
I'm thirsty.
My new shoes hurt my feet (oops, I'm wearing my old shoes)
My ipod ran out of battery

In spite of these excuses, here are my lap times:

Mile 1-11:54 (running)
Mile 2-11:36 (running) total 23:31
Mile 3-11:35 (running) total 35:07
Mile 4-20:45 (slow walking) total 55:52

Life is all about choices. I am going to work on making choices instead of excuses. Here are some alternate thoughts about today.

I chose to wait until 2:00 to run.
I chose to eat pretty close to running.
I chose to put a water bottle out on the mailbox to quench my thirst.
I chose to drink too much and get stomach cramps.
I chose use my daughters ipod because the one I got for Christmas continues to sit in a drawer while I wonder how to make it work.
I chose to walk slowly on the fourth mile and enjoy the beautiful weather.

These were my choices. They will give me freedom. They are much more positive than excuses. This is a good thing.

Wanna join me?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Our BBQ was rained out and I didn't get to the hawaiian haystacks, so we'll try again this week. My rice cooker died so we got a new one at Sam's club that steams veggies at the same time. I am so excited to try it.

Monday: Hawaiian haystacks

Tuesday: Chicken and spinach lasagna

Wednesday: tacos

Thursday: Chicken a' l'orange

Friday: Ham and sunshine potatoes

Saturday: date night

Sunday: BBQ chicken, steak and turkey burgers

Check out oranizing junkie for tons of recipe ideas

Friday, February 26, 2010

To your health

This week I have thought of my friend. He buried his wife today. She was in her 30's. Too soon.
There are exceptions to every rule. The rule is that you live a long life. The rule is you get to raise your kids. The rule is be healthy and you will be around a long time. This was an exception to these rules.
My best friend had breast cancer when we were 36. That's not supposed to happen. I'm so happy she is still with us. She fought to restore her health.
I took my health for granted for too many years. There are very few exceptions to this rule. If you are overweight for a long period of time, you will have health problems. I was on a bad road. I am off that road now. This doesn't guarantee anything, but I think it helps.
I am so grateful for my life. I am blessed to feel as good as I do now. Just about 60 pounds is gone from my body. I feel completely different. I can almost remember what it's like to be fit. However, at 19, I might have been fit, but was I healthy? Not necessarily. I will take pride in my health for the rest of my life. I will fight for it. This struggle will not have been in vain. I have learned many hard lessons. I hope I can pass those on and help others avoid my long and windy road.
Here's to your health!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easy does it

I've only been able to get outside and run once a week for the last 3 weeks. The other 2 running days have been on the treadmill. Today was beautiful and my hands were only cold for about 1 1/4 miles.
I decided I was going to take it at an easy pace today and go for distance instead of speed. It is so funny to me that I even have an easy pace. Not long ago, any pace was hard. It was a great run. I went 5 miles. I have never done that. I was actually smiling during the 5th mile. Probably becuase I was walking part of it. It's amazing how free I feel when I am running.
Alright, I'm done gushing. Here are my lap times:

Mile 1-13:27 (running)
Mile 2-13:54 (running) total 27:21
Mile 3-13:44 (running) total 41:06
Mile 4-13:26 (running) total 54:33
Mile 5-13:47 (running/walking) total 1:08:21

I'm speechless. How about you?

Monday, February 22, 2010


Today I was putting my clothes away and I realized how different my closet looks. No longer are there 6 different sizes of clothing crammed into every nook and cranny.

Being overweight comes from an overabundance of food. It seems as though that overabundance creeps into all areas of life. Many people who deal with clutter also deal with weight issues. I know that there are skinny clutterbugs and heavy neat freaks, but I think they are probably the exception.

So many times you buy clothes to make you feel better about yourself. The feeling is short lived, however, because it is a quick fix. Now that I am doing something about it, I only have clothing that actually fits me in my closet. I also keep a small amount because I am constantly dropping to a smaller size. In the beginning of this journey, I was wearing a size 18/20 in pants, and a 1x/2x shirt. Now I am in a size 10 pants, and medium shirts. What a difference 4 1/2 months has made.

It is truly making me look at other areas of my life that may have an overabundance. One day, my office may not have an overabundance of papers. But, not today!

By the way, todays weight is 164.2. This is surreal.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Welcome to another week of attempting to be organized with my menu. The big hit from the week was the Slow cooker southwest chicken stacks. It was so simple and most of my family enjoyed the beans and corn. I took the chicken out instead of shredding it in the corn. We ended up having tilapia instead of salmon and I am moving the Chicken and dumpling soup to this week.

Monday: Leftover pork roast and potatoes from Sunday dinner

Tuesday: Chicken and dumpling soup

Wednesday: Grilled salmon

Thursday: tacos

Friday: Hawaiian haystacksSaturday: date night

Sunday: BBQ steak and turkey burgers

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie for tons of ideas.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


There are temptations everywhere. It has been almost 2 months since I really gave into strong temptations. That was when I ate the Christmas toffee...for 5 days. I was surrounded by great food and lots of desserts last weekend. They didn't even phase me. I never felt tempted.

Well, tonight we ate at a very nice restaurant. With all the tempting food, I chose a shrimp caesar salad. It was fantastic, by the way. Anyway, Orson and Katie both got desserts as part of their dinner deal. And all of a sudden, I was tempted. It also didn't help that Katie doesn't like chocolate and there was this beautiful mousse inside a chocolate cup. I was sooooo tempted. So, you know what. I gave into temptation. And guess what, I'm okay. It was totally worth it! I know I won't see a loss on the scale tomorrow (oh, I am not weighing until Monday), but I also don't feel any real desire to gorge myself like crazy. I ate it and felt satisfied. It will probably be another couple of months before I want to stray again. One day, I will be at my goal weight, and I will occasionally eat lavish foods. I may learn control after all.

Here's hoping!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who am I?

I am on the verge of admitting that I am a runner. Today was my first run in a week. I couldn't wait to get out there. This weekend I was in California. On Saturday afternoon we spent an hour at the beach. How I wanted to take off running down the sand. But, we were in our regular clothes with our pants rolled up. I thought about running the rest of the day. I wondered how I could fit it in or where I could do it. It didn't happen. I couldn't wait for today to get here. I couldn't wait for Nathan to get home from school. I thought about running different races and how I might do. I thought about increasing my mile time, although it has come a long way in a few short months. Here are my lap times today.

Mile 1-12:06 (running)
Mile 2-12:18 (running)total 24:25
Mile 3-13:03 (walking/running)total 37:28
Mile 4-15:49 (walking, sprinting last stretch)total 53:18

Several things account for the slow finish. It was 75 degrees and I was dressed way to warm. That made me very thirsty and I just didn't have it in me to run the last mile with my lips cracking from dryness. Oh well. I can't believe I am running close to a 12 minute mile.

It was a little discouraging to step on the scale and only see one pound lost in a week, but I did little to no exercise and spent 4 days out of town with eating out and had lots of stress preparing for visiting teaching interviews yesterday. So, I expect this week will be much better. I realize that as I near my goal, I won't be dropping 5 pounds every week. This is where my mentality will be tested. I must stay with the program as temptations to cheat pop up and I am smaller and smaller. I really wasn't tempted this weekend by all the desserts and snacks and junk I was around. I just ate more of my lean and green and fat servings than normal. That's okay. I continue to go down, so its all good.

My health will be a priority for the rest of my life. Look what 15 years of it not being one did to me. I'm guessing that I have extended my life by making these changes.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday: Slow cooker southwest chicken stacks
Wednesday: Classic baked ziti
Thursday: Salmon
Friday: Chicken and dumpling soup
Saturday: leftovers and date night

Check out organizing junkie for tons of ideas.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Monthiversary

Today marks 4 months since I started my weight loss program. And the final result is:

52 pounds lost!

Wow!!! I am so in awe. Sometimes I can't believe that I am doing this. I feel so different. Last night as I was laying in bed I realized how much lighter I felt. This is really affecting all areas of my life in such a positive way. I desperatelly want to help others who have lived through that hopeless feeling of never being able to be healthy. I can't even imagine how I'll feel when I reach my goal.

Today I was able to run and my lungs are at about 90%. I didn't start coughing till my 3rd mile. However, it was cold, and that makes my nose run, so I was blowing my nose a lot. I just knew that I would get faster as I shed the weight. Here are my lap times.
Mile 1: 12:08 (running)
Mile 2: 12:59 (run/walk)total 25:07
Mile 3: 12:58 (run/walk)total 38:05
Mile 4: 14:05 (jog/walk slower)total 52:11

Make it a good week everyone.

I want to give a shout out to Becky who lost 13 pounds her first month on the program. Keep it up!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Last week's chicken and spinach stuffed shells was a big hit. Even my pickiest eater, who usually doesn't eat any sauce on her pasta said it was delicious. Of course, I didn't have any and I'm not sure if when I am in maintenance that I would want to eat something with 2 bars of cream cheese in it. I may have to come up with an alternative. Or, simply eat only one shell and a huge salad. I'll worry about that when I get there.

This week I am leaving town on Friday and not returning till Monday, so I won't be planning all the meals because I know my family will do their own thing while I'm gone. I am also going to be planning next week's menu and setting it up to post before I get back, so I won't be able to report on this weeks successes.

This is 3 weeks in a row for me and I'm excited. We never got to the tilapia and I changed Sunday dinner to chicken, so you may see some repeats.

Monday: Baked tilapia

Tuesday: chicken pot pie (recipe at the end)

Wednesday: Spaghetti squash with meatballs

Thursday: tacos

Friday-Monday: Good luck family!

Chicken Pot Pie

1 pkg. pilsbury pie crust

3 cups diced chicken

14 oz. pkg. frozen veggies (I use peas and corn)

2 cans cream of chicken soup

Thaw veggies under water in strainer

Combine chicken and soup, then add veggies

Place one pie crust in pie pan

Pour filling into unbaked crust

Place other crust on top

Make slits in crust

Brush with beaten egg yolk (opt.)

Bake at 375 for 35-45 min.

Check out more recipes at Organizing Junkie

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

50 at 40

I'm not really sure if I ever thought I would lose 50 pounds at the age of 40. Now with 40 pounds to go, I would love to hit my goal weight by my 41st birthday on June 1. That's 10 pounds per month. I couldn't ask for a better gift. (sounds cheesy)

Anyway, I have been back to my regular exercise this week, even though my chest is not fully recovered from my cough. It still hurts a little.

Monday-interval workout on treadmill
All on incline 2
Warm up, cool down on 3.0
5 min. warm up
3 min. 4.0
1 min. 3.0
3 min. 4.5
1 min. 3.0
3 min 5.0
1 min. 3.0
3 min 5.5
1.5 min. 3.0
30 sec 7.5
8 min cool down
Total time 30 min,

Tuesday-strength training, arms and abs
All done with 10 pound weights with the exception of the shoulder circut which was 8 lbs.
3 sets of 10 with the exception of static curls which was 16 total
static curls
french curls
shoulder circuit
seated curls
upright rows
tri kickback

3 sets of 20 with the exception of leg lifts which was 3 sets of 10
hold crunches
reverse crunches
toe touches
leg lifts

Wednesday-outside run/walk
Mile 1-13:26
Mile 2-12:38 Total 26:05
Mile 3-13:52 Total 39:57
Mile 4-13:35 Total 53:32

Kind of all over the place today. I hadn't run outside for a couple of weeks and it was hard and my chest hurt. But, there is nothing else like it. I wonder if I will still run when my weight is off.

One final note: my weight today was 170.4

Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last week was so crazy. We only ended up sticking to our menu on Monday and Tuesday. But Monday's roast made for some good leftovers. I can't remember what we even ate the rest of the week, but no one has starved to death yet.

Monday: Rachael's birthday dinner, possibly Outback

Tuesday: Black bean enchilladas

Wednesday: Chicken and spinach stuffed shells

Thursday: Pork Loin-From my cupboard, canned by mom

Friday: Baked tilapia

Mine will only have the seasonings

Saturday: Date night

Sunday: breakfast for dinner

Remember to check all the menu ideas over at organizing junkie and join in.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I did not weigh myself everyday over the past week. I might have missed a couple of days. It was not surprising that each time I got on the scale, it stayed the same. I have downed 2 bags of cough drops and have not exercised.

Yesterday, I had had enough. I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes on 2.8 and a 2 incline. It hurt my chest. Oh well. I needed to move. If I'm going to sit still and cough, I might as well move and cough. I did arms and abs this morning. I can only get through 2 sets. Maybe next week I'll make it to 3. I have to thank my fabulous brother-in-law for setting me up with a great workout that stretches my abilities. Check out his website.

It took a week, but even with all my excuses, I was down to 172.4 this morning. It won't be long before I'm in the 160's (I'm thinking early next week would be nice) and I have not seen that weight in more than 15 years. Truly remarkable. If I can do this, anyone can do this. (I always hate when people say that)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


That's quite a word. Committment. It starts with commit, which has two different definitions. Today was tough for me. I have a cough. Sounds ridiculous. But, that little ole cough has led to my lack of committment.

I haven't exercised since Thursday.
I haven't lost weight either.
Today I never got out of my exercise clothes...
and I didn't really exercise.

I know that I named this blog journey of health when all I could think about was weight loss. Well, it was my fear of bad health that started this journey, so I need to keep my eye on that prize. I am realizing that my health is connected to everything. I am feeling stress about huge committments this weekend. It is taking it's toll on me. I am a worrier. It does no good.

I like the days when I get up and keep my committments to myself. I follow my morning routine and I exercise and I shower and get dressed. But, not all days go as planned. So, I have to make a conscious effort to do something healthy anyway. Today, I really needed to smile more and not let my mind bring me down. As it stands, I am minutes away from gratefully falling into bed.

My health is connected to my body, my mind and my spirit. Maybe I won't make the best choices in every area every day. But, there really shouldn't be days where I make horrible choices in all three. That seems like a wasted day to me. For me, the power of the mind is, well, powerful. Imagine if I could harness that power for good.

I have done a great job. 3 1/2 months ago I was much more unhealthy. I will never go back. I can't. Each day is a gift. What can I do with that gift. TONS!

Thanks! I'm glad we had this conversation.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (and a surprise)

Before I get to my weekly menu, lots of people having been asking for me to do this. I am posting a before and after photo. This first photo is from June 2009. The second is from January 24, 2010. I began my weight loss program on October 8. So, these are the results from 3 1/2 months of work.

Before, 220 pounds

After, half way to my goal, 173 pounds
I don't know how to put the pictures side by side.

Last week the boys loved the tortilla soup. The salmon was a huge hit, since I found the recipe at the last minute. I am usually too lazy to marinate my meat, but it was soooo worth it. I didn't have any soy sauce so I substituted Bragg Amino Acid Seasoning. My family totally raved about it. I served it with zucchini sauteed in the Bragg Seasoning and topped it with Mrs. Dash.

Monday: Crock Pot Roast
I can't eat beef, so I will be having a turkey burger

Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole
I will be omitting the mushrooms.

Wednesday: French Dip Sandwiches I won't be making the rolls.
I'll be eating another turkey burger. I wrap it in iceburg lettuce.

Thursday: spaghetti and meatballs

Friday: tacos

Saturday: Nathan's gymnastics meet (I"ll get a chicken caesar from somewhere)
Head on over to organizing junkie to see hundreds of other menu ideas.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gettin it done

I took Becky's advice to start weighing in every other day and then moving out from there. So, I didn't weigh myself yesterday. Today I held off until after my exercise. Due to the crazy rain, I did an interval workout on my treadmill. It was a little more difficult due to the fact that on Monday I had a few bites of some fetticini alfredo. Well, it caused me to get a sore throat (sound familiar) and I haven't felt well for a few days. But, I did it anyway and had some great success. I warmed up for 5 min. on 3.0 (the whole workout was done on a 2 incline). Then I ran 3 minutes on 4.0 and walked 1 min. on 3.0. Then I ran 3 minutes on 4.5 and walked 1 min. on 3.0. Then I ran 3 min. on 5.0 and walked 1 min. on 3.0. Then I ran 3 min. on 5.5 (an improvement from the 1 min. last time) and walked 1 minute on 3.0. Then I ran 30 seconds on 7.0 and I probably could have gone a little longer. Then I cooled down for 3 min. on 2.8 before I had to answer the phone. I was sweating profusely.
So, I was more than a little anxious to check my weight. I had been having thoughts of being stuck in the 170's for a while and seeing my 4 month goal of 60 pounds fading. But, when I stepped on the scale, I was in for a nice surprise(possibly why I need to stop weighing in every day?) My weight was:


It's amazing that I can still be awed in unbelief when I see the numbers go down on the scale. I am finally more than half way to my goal. I was told that it was possible to lose 60 pounds in four months and I really didn't think that would happen. However, I have 18 days until my four month anniversary of starting this program. Is it possible to lose 13 pounds in 18 days? Probably not. But, 8-10 pounds sounds plausible, which would put me at 55-57 pounds lost in just 4 months. Who does that? I guess folks on take shape for life do. And now, I am one of them. And now, I really want to show others how they can do this too.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The scale, friend or foe

I have an addiction to the scale. I'm not sure when it began. I don't think when you are fat that you spend your days standing on the scale. In fact, most fat people don't even know how much they weigh. I have always known. Through this current weight loss, I step on the scale every single day. Sometimes 3-5 times a day. It shows me what my body is doing at different times of the day. I always weigh the least right after I exercise.

These last two weeks have been interesting. I have lost 8 pounds. However only 1 pound came off in the last week. So, imagine the frustration I endure as I step on that scale day after day. I always have to look back to gain perspective. That is why they recommend that you only weigh yourself once a week. I'm not sure how to break myself of this habit. Any ideas?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

I've decided to do my menu on this blog. I'm not very good at planning out my menu every week, but my desire is great. Due to my health plan, I eat dinner with my family, but sometimes I prepare my food differently. Usually it is fairly plain and it is seasoned with Bragg amino acids seasoning and Celtic sea salt. So, if you see something with cheese or soup just know that I am not eating it that way. Pllus, my kids don't really like much seasoning, so it's better to make it plain.

Monday:Tilapia simply seasoned with salt and paprika

Tuesday:Spaghetti squash with marinara
meatballs (frozen kind from costco)
grilled chicken

Wednesday:Fish tacos with leftover tiapia
For me it will be fish with bell pepper, fresh pico and avocados

Friday: salmon

Saturday: I'm thinking Outback Steakhouse (we got lots of gift cards for Christmas)
I get the shrimp caesar salad
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Trying times

It has been a trying week for Nathan. Last semester he had strep throat 3 times and was put on antibiotics. Then in December he got a canker sore that grew into something hideous. Several times he bit it and it filled with blood. We took him to urgent care one night and they tried to lance it, but it was solid. Not good. They wanted him to go on antibiotics again. Well, enough was enough. We needed to get at the core issue. So, on Tuesday, we went to Dr. Hampton, the most amazing naturopathic doctor. Right away he knew that Nathan had an ulcer in his mouth and that it was caused by a food allergy. Add in all the antibiotics and you also get one messed up digestive system. Poor guy.

So, in many cases when you need to find out what you have been eating that caused all this, you go on the 21 day diet. Here are the foods you avoid:


sugar (refined and raw)
cold cuts
tomatoes(unless fresh and raw)
hydrogenated oils

So, what can he eat?

100% juice

Add to this that another doctor said to even further aid the digestion, avoid eating any starches with proteins and eat fruit alone. Plus he is taking lots of natural stuff to clean out his system. It has been very hard and stressful to do this for a 17 year old boy. He is doing amazing but can't wait to go get a pizza.

Now to my point of sharing this story (which was shared without his permission and I hope he never finds out).
I am amazed at the level of guilt I feel for having to force my child to eat in such a healthy manner. What?! we live in a time where bad food abounds and it has become the norm. It is just expected that during December you will eat lots of crap and gain weight. Why? I know Nathan loves the sweets. We all love the sweets. But, what is the cost?

The past 15 years of my life has been the price I have paid for eating unhealthy. I am the example that my kids have to follow. As I look through the grocery, I feel bad that I can't pick up some oreos. Just yesterday I bought cheetos and Megan was downing them. Something that stains you fingers for that amount of time cannot be good inside your body. I don't want to be a fanatic, but this is the life and health of my family. I have no doubt that if I had continued down the road I was on, there would have been massive health problems, and possibly an early death. How can I not want to save my family from all the heartache that is associated with unhealthy living? They may not appreciate it now, but they will later. (I wish my thoughts were more succinct. I hope you are following my brain process).

So, the lesson I hope Nathan learns is that his body can't handle the amount of junk it was being fed. He can have pizza when this is over, but there might be consequences, and he may need to eat that very rarely. When he serves a mission, I will not be there to take care of his medical needs, and he will need to eat as well as he can. When I am finished with my weight loss I know I will eat bad things occasionally. But, only if I am prepared for the consequences. My mind has made such a shift. The other night we went to the movies and Orson had popcorn and had them put extra butter in the middle of the bag, and aside from being grossed out, I was truly worried about that gunk coursing through his veins. I hope I can continue to be vigilant about this because I feel like I have missed out on blessings because of my disobedience of taking care of my body.

Okay, I'm done for now. I hope everyone makes great choices for their health today.