Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We stuck to our menu pretty well last week. I forgot about the daddy daughter campout on Friday, so we are having the fish tacos this week. Our favorite meal was the chicken veggie quesedillas. I would probably add more veggies next time.

If I thought the last month has been crazy, I ain't seen nothin' yet. Today I am starting a part time job 3 days a week. Now, more than ever my meal planning is crucial to keeping my sanity and my family fed. It will be an interesting transition, but this is the only way to go.

Monday: Grilled fish tacos with cilantro lime vinaigrette
Tuesday: grilled chicken burgers and got dogs
Wednesday: Italian chicken (canned by my mom) with spaghetti squash
Thursday: taquitos
Friday: Date night
Saturday: Salad at RS broadcast
Sunday: BBQ steak

Have a great week. Don't forget to check or organizing junkie for hundreds of menu ideas.

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