Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

The last few weeks have not gone well in our menu planning. Last week I never got a menu done and you know how that always turns out. A lot of frozen chicken nuggets and ramen. The week before, I had a menu and never used it. We had family in town and ended up eating out every day. Yuk. My life has gotten crazier in the last 4 weeks since I was called to be the Relief Society President. What I know is that there was a reason I have been successfully menu planning since January. I am in the habit and it is going to help my family even more so now that I am super duper busy. I will forever be grateful that I came across organizing junkie's blog to make this a part of my life.

Monday: crock pot carolina pork roast
Tuesday: bbq pork sandwiches
Wednesday: crockpot rotisserie chicken
Thursday: chicken veggie quesadillas
Friday: grilled fish tacos with cilantro lime vinaigrette
Saturday: date night
Sunday: breakfast for dinner including fluffy french toast

Join in the fun and link your menu along with hundreds of others at organizing junkie.

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Anonymous said...

I love breakfast for dinner! Good luck this week.