Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We enjoyed some great meals last week. The Taco pasta
we will try again. I halved the recipe but added too much pasta, so it was dry. I might also add zucchini to it.
For this weeks menu, I am digging into my freezer and cupboards.

Monday: Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Chicken and Veggies
Tuesday: fish tacos
Wednesday: turkey burgers
Thursday: chili
Friday: tortellini (from Sams Club)I will have spaghetti squash
Saturday: date night
Sunday: Mother's Day surprise

Check out organizing junkie for tons or recipes.


JessieLeigh said...

Sounds like a tasty week! I have to stay away from ravioli and tortellini... I have absolutely no control with them and could eat myself sick. :) I don't usually struggle with portion control at all, but that stuffed pasta will get me every time!

Miller Family said...

It's monday morning after the gym, time to make my weekly menu. Thanks so much. Love ya, J