Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Mind

The mind is so very powerful. It tells us what to do every second of every day. From my experience, there are many ideas we hear in our mind that simply are not true. They may have come from others, or we may be creating them ourselves. Whatever the case may be, we can control our thoughts and bring about amazing results in our lives.

Just the other day, I cooked my shrimp with the skin still on. In my mind I could hear the thought, "You are such a moron!" However, I stopped it by speaking outloud, "It's no big deal. I was anxious to cook this and I didn't look as I dumped the shrimp into the pan." Then, it was over. I could have continued to berate myself for the rest of the evening and into the next day. But I didn't.

So, what stopped me? I have been reading a book called, "What to Say When you Talk to Yourself." I have had this book on my shelf for at least 15 years and never once cracked it open. I have learned the information many times over in my Mary Kay training, but reading the book is really helping me. I highly recommend you find yourself a copy.

I can't state enough that this journey is about much more than eating the medifast meal replacements. The name of the company is TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE! Look at those words. I am changing my whole life forever. This is not a short term success for me. This is what I want to live for a lifetime and pass on to my family. I love my better health. I love how good I feel. I love how much better I look.

I hope you are in a place where you can take your health and wellness seriously. This is your life. You've got to treasure it. It is your most precious possession. You are the one responsible for what you do every day. I am passionate about inspiring you to be your best. It is a lifelong process and journey. But it is one of the best I have been on.

Am I too harsh? Have a said too much?


Jan said...

Nope, you haven't said too much at all. You said things that people need to hear. :) I started my fitness journey almost two years ago, and I'm amazed at where I am today. The first step is always the hardest, and most people thing it's too hard. They just need to be convinced that it isn't as hard as what their head is telling them it is. :)

Barbie said...

Thanks Jan. Well said.

Sarah said...

Love it! Great Idea. Just checking out what great things your up to.
I have a free directory you can enter your link into if you like, as well as a free e-report about growing a blog you can read.

Today I have a post about hot buttons to push for more blogging and business success if your interested.

Ally said...

Loved this post, and I want that book. Thanks for being an awesome big sister and listening to me and helping me make decisions. I love you and am so thankful I have you to turn to!!!