Thursday, April 15, 2010

At Last

I finally have a new picture to show. At this point I am down 64 pounds from where I started. I am really proud of myself. I can't remember the last time in my life that I felt that way. Most of the time I felt like a failure. Isn't it funny that when you feel so bad about yourself that it filters down into every area of your life.

I must say, though that there are times when I look in the mirror and I still see a big girl. That programming may take a while to overcome. But, it is important to overcome! There are plenty of skinny girls who think they are fat. But, as I keep reminding myself, this is all about health and longevity. I need to look in the mirror and see someone who is healthy. That is my goal and my passion to share with others.

Are you healthy?

Here we go:

220 pounds

156 pounds


Miller Family said...

Oh My! You look so great!!!!!I am so proud of you and your life long journey. Love you lots, J

Colleen said...

OH WOW!!! You need to put that up for your profile pic!!! You look awesome! Way to go!!!