Monday, August 2, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

So last week I mentioned that I might have to make a 12 hour trip on short notice. On Thursday my son got a job interview for Monday on campus. So yesterday he and I drove to Utah with his room packed in the car. School doesn't start until the 30th, but we just don't know what the job opportunities will be. So, we came with the hope that he will be able to go back home for a few days to say goodbye to everyone. We aren't sure of anything yet. I packed for one week.

That being said, I left my family with an easy menu for the week. My 15 year old is in charge and she'll do great. My husband told me only to plan 3 meals and he would take care of the rest. What a great guy! So, here is a very simple week.

Monday: pork roast (pressure cooked and bottled by my mom) with a packet of mashed potatoes
Tuesday: breakfast for dinner-scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes
Wednesday: daddy's bringing home pizza
Thursday: Spaghetti and meatballs (frozen ones from Costco)
Friday: Daddy date night with the 4 girls
Saturday: I hope to be home for my date night
Sunday: It will have to be a surprise

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