Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pathetic Excuses

We all do it. We make excuses for why we do things or can't do things. I have spent a lifetime making excuses. It was apparent today as I was running. I was making excuses even to myself. If I can't even be real with myself, then I am in trouble. Here are some of the pathetic excuses I told myself.

It's too hot. (in 4 months it won't even be this temp in the middle of the night)
I'm thirsty.
My new shoes hurt my feet (oops, I'm wearing my old shoes)
My ipod ran out of battery

In spite of these excuses, here are my lap times:

Mile 1-11:54 (running)
Mile 2-11:36 (running) total 23:31
Mile 3-11:35 (running) total 35:07
Mile 4-20:45 (slow walking) total 55:52

Life is all about choices. I am going to work on making choices instead of excuses. Here are some alternate thoughts about today.

I chose to wait until 2:00 to run.
I chose to eat pretty close to running.
I chose to put a water bottle out on the mailbox to quench my thirst.
I chose to drink too much and get stomach cramps.
I chose use my daughters ipod because the one I got for Christmas continues to sit in a drawer while I wonder how to make it work.
I chose to walk slowly on the fourth mile and enjoy the beautiful weather.

These were my choices. They will give me freedom. They are much more positive than excuses. This is a good thing.

Wanna join me?


Miller Family said...

I think your choices are great. We're all just doing the best we can and trying to enjoy the journey along the way. How do you prepare yourself for when it really will be too hot to run? Will you treadmill it? Run in the middle of the night? Bring a handheld fan with you? J

Ally said...

I am with you on the choices not excuses. I like that. I know I make a lot of excuses as well and I am trying to change that too. You are awesome and your miles are getting faster. Glad you slowed down to enjoy the beautiful weather because we will be missing it soon. Love ya,