Thursday, March 4, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We only had 3 of our 6 planned meals this week. That makes this week easier to plan. They hawaiian haystacks were an ordeal. My new rice cooker took forever to work. I don't know what the deal was. Plus the chicken gravy was so thick. I don't think it needed quite so much flour. I will have to experiment, because the older 2 kids loved it.

Monday: Baked chicken parmesan
Tuesday: chicken and spinach lasagna (premade chicken and spinach ravioli from Sam's club layered with Ragu)
Wednesday: homemade pizzas on mini whole wheat pitas
Thursday: Chicken a' l'orange
Friday: Breakfast for dinner
Saturday: date night
Sunday: BBQ chicken and steak (3rd tries a charm, right?)

Remember to check out organizing junkie for a ton of help with your menu.

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