Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last week was so crazy. We only ended up sticking to our menu on Monday and Tuesday. But Monday's roast made for some good leftovers. I can't remember what we even ate the rest of the week, but no one has starved to death yet.

Monday: Rachael's birthday dinner, possibly Outback

Tuesday: Black bean enchilladas

Wednesday: Chicken and spinach stuffed shells

Thursday: Pork Loin-From my cupboard, canned by mom

Friday: Baked tilapia

Mine will only have the seasonings

Saturday: Date night

Sunday: breakfast for dinner

Remember to check all the menu ideas over at organizing junkie and join in.

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Miller Family said...

Thanks for being so prompt with your menu. I'm sitting down to make my menu and list. I got a spagetti squash on Sat. so I'll be doing that tonight or tomorrow. Talk to you soon. Glad you survived the weekend. I saw Nathan did great. Yeah! Love you, J