Thursday, January 28, 2010

I did not weigh myself everyday over the past week. I might have missed a couple of days. It was not surprising that each time I got on the scale, it stayed the same. I have downed 2 bags of cough drops and have not exercised.

Yesterday, I had had enough. I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes on 2.8 and a 2 incline. It hurt my chest. Oh well. I needed to move. If I'm going to sit still and cough, I might as well move and cough. I did arms and abs this morning. I can only get through 2 sets. Maybe next week I'll make it to 3. I have to thank my fabulous brother-in-law for setting me up with a great workout that stretches my abilities. Check out his website.

It took a week, but even with all my excuses, I was down to 172.4 this morning. It won't be long before I'm in the 160's (I'm thinking early next week would be nice) and I have not seen that weight in more than 15 years. Truly remarkable. If I can do this, anyone can do this. (I always hate when people say that)

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Suz said...

You're going to pass me up before long! :)