Monday, January 11, 2010

So Close

I sort of avoided posting over the last few weeks. Well, not sort of, I actually avoided it well. As we last left my saga, I had eaten that piece of toffee and was pretty upset about it. So, what do you think I did after that great run? I ate more toffee. I had some every day, in fact. By day two of putting sugar into my body, my throat was sore. Then in slowly moved into my chest. Can you believe that eating sugar made me sick? What's that about? Could it be that my body does not like sugar as much as I think it does? WOW!!!! But it didn't stop me. I continued to nibble on things here and there that were just not on my eating plan. We had Christmas Eve, then Christmas, then a trip to the snow, then New Year's Eve, then the Holt Christmas, then a trip to Blythe. I was afraid to step on the scale because I was not really exercising either because I was coughing. The amaing thing was that when I finally weighed myself, Iweighed 184.4. You see, my foundation is strong. I was still following the plan for 90-95% of the day and just messing up slightly. I wasn't going hog wild and ruining the entire day because of it. Is it possible that I see improvement here? I think I will give myself some credit.
So, it took until January 6 to get back to full fat burning zone and have a loss on the scale. But, I am going down. I did interval workouts twice last week on my treadmill. With an incline of 2 I warmed up for 5 minutes on 3.0. I then ran 3 minutes on 4.0, walked 1 minute on 3.0, ran 3 minutes on 4.5, walked 1 minute on 3.0, ran 3 minutes on 5.0, walked 1 minute on 3.0 and ran 1 minute on 5.0, 1 minute on 5.3, 30 seconds on 5.2 and 30 seconds on 5.1. Then I cooled down for 5 minutes on 2.8. I had intentions of lifting weights twice, but it didn't happen.
Now it is a new week. I decided last night that it was time to get back outside and run in the streets. There is just nothing else like it. But, when the weather outside said 37 degrees, I wavered. I was picturing myself on the treadmill once again. After breakfast and scriptures, I decided to go for it. I bundled up and hit the road. I am so glad I did. I actually shed my coat and gloves after the 3rd mile. Here are my splits for today, considering I have done this in 19 days.
Mile 1-14:29 (jogging)
Mile 2-14:00 (jogging a little faster)total 28:29
Mile 3-13:57(jogging, walking, running)total 42:26
Mile 4-14:19(walking, running, jogging on tired legs)total 56:45

As I prepared to step on the scale, I had two thoughts: I am so close to being in the 170's, which I haven't seen in more than 10 years, and I am close to being halfway to my weight loss goal. With my hands clasped in a prayer sign, I stepped on the scale, and here is what I saw.


That's as close to the 170's as I could be. So, that is my next step. I know I will scream outloud when it happens. I hope it's tomorrow. If it is, I'll be sure to post, then maybe I won't have to write a saga!


Ally said...

that is so awesome. 180 Yeah!!!! I am so proud of you. Some days are rough but you are kicking butt. your times are really good considering the time off. Keep working hard. I miss you!!!

Suz said...

HOly SMOKES! I'm so excited! I bet you are already in the 170's as I write! You look awesome!