Wednesday, February 3, 2010

50 at 40

I'm not really sure if I ever thought I would lose 50 pounds at the age of 40. Now with 40 pounds to go, I would love to hit my goal weight by my 41st birthday on June 1. That's 10 pounds per month. I couldn't ask for a better gift. (sounds cheesy)

Anyway, I have been back to my regular exercise this week, even though my chest is not fully recovered from my cough. It still hurts a little.

Monday-interval workout on treadmill
All on incline 2
Warm up, cool down on 3.0
5 min. warm up
3 min. 4.0
1 min. 3.0
3 min. 4.5
1 min. 3.0
3 min 5.0
1 min. 3.0
3 min 5.5
1.5 min. 3.0
30 sec 7.5
8 min cool down
Total time 30 min,

Tuesday-strength training, arms and abs
All done with 10 pound weights with the exception of the shoulder circut which was 8 lbs.
3 sets of 10 with the exception of static curls which was 16 total
static curls
french curls
shoulder circuit
seated curls
upright rows
tri kickback

3 sets of 20 with the exception of leg lifts which was 3 sets of 10
hold crunches
reverse crunches
toe touches
leg lifts

Wednesday-outside run/walk
Mile 1-13:26
Mile 2-12:38 Total 26:05
Mile 3-13:52 Total 39:57
Mile 4-13:35 Total 53:32

Kind of all over the place today. I hadn't run outside for a couple of weeks and it was hard and my chest hurt. But, there is nothing else like it. I wonder if I will still run when my weight is off.

One final note: my weight today was 170.4

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Miller Family said...

You go girl! Now I'm the one not running with this head cold. Blah! The spagetti squash turned out great. Thanks so much, J