Sunday, August 14, 2011

Menu Planning Monday

It was great to get back to my menu plan. I really enjoyed cooking and eating all the dinners I had planned. The kids even liked all of them. Amazing. School started on Wednesday and now we are back in full swing. The routines are a little rusty, but they should come back soon. I have really gone away from my healthy eating and I am not feeling so good. I much prefer to put good food in my body (not too much of it!). It makes me feel better inside and out. I am wanting to get back in shape to prepare for my annual Thanksgiving 5k. Then, I have set a goal for myself to run a half marathon next year. So, I am going to start posting my exercise routines again on this blog along with how my eating went during the day. This will help me be accountable to myself. If you are out there reading, I'd love some encouragement.

Monday: baked shrimp scampi
Tuesday: white quinoa meat loaf
Wednesday: basil chicken and vegetables
Thursday: bbq chicken pizza
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: date night
Sunday: grilled cilantro lime chicken

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