Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holidng Steady

I realize that I won't be dropping pounds every single day, but it would be nice. I held at 200 for 3 days, and I've been 199 for 3 days. I haven't run since Monday, but I plan on it tomorrow. I have done lots of walking and I lifted weights again today. Today's lunch was spaghetti squash with a couple ounces of chicken topped with Braggs Amino Acid. It is similar to a soy sauce, but I am allowed to have it on this program and it adds lots of flavor to anything. Tonight I had ground turkey with bell peppers and avocado. I am just feeling a little anxious because I want to be as far away from 200 as possible so I never have to see it again. I am getting ready to make my Thanksgiving menu, even though I will only be eating turkey and veggies. I still love to cook, so it's okay.

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Miller Family said...

Your meals are sounding good to me. Simple, whole foods.
Have a great weekend. Love you, J