Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eating-Day 11

I had a few sips of my smootie before my workout. I finished most of it after along with my muffin.

I had my 2 blueberry muffins and an apple for snack.

Here's my snag. I went shopping. I thought I only was going to one store and I went to four. So, I had about 6 pieces of Megan's popcorn chicken. I thought it tasted gross.

Came home and had my real lunch. I had 4 pesto pizzetas and skipped the salad.

For snack I had one slice of Ezekiel bread with butter. (Not in the plan)

Dinner I had one chicken breast, spaghetti squash with marinara and salad.

Snacked on some Ritz crackers for no apparant reason. Probably ate about 10.
That's gonna show up in my weight!

Weight:212.7 (down .7 from yesterday)

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Ally said...

it sounds like you did pretty good but it is hard not to just snack sometimes but next time if you need some crunch or something grab some carrots