Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Emotions-Day 3

I always feel good through my exercising. Today I even stayed in the pool after my laps and swam with a couple of the kids. But, when the headache came on at 11:00 a.m., it was downhill from there. I finally decided to lay down around 1:30 and try to shake the headache. Of course, the kids were super loud and after an hour I came out shouting. This NEVER helps my mood. I am a little disappointed that I ate more at dinner than I should and I skipped my snack. Today I felt full for the first time in the three days. On the upside, the day is over and I won't look back. Tomorrow is a new day for me to succeed. I came across this quote:

"In every moment, during every day of your life, you have choices. The choice to create more struggle or the choice to create more freedom and joy. Choose thoughts that support you in feeling good more and more each day."

I'm thinking tomorrow will be a great day!

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Ally said...

that is an awesome quote. I know today will be a good day and I think if you stick to the schedule better you will feel better. Also make sure you are drinking a ton of water especially exercising so late in the day cuz you know 9am is late here in AZ.