Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emotions-Day 10

I felt good today. Of course, dropping weight will do that to you. I got up early and made the kids breakfast for the first day of school. I exercised and got to spend time with Megan. I felt like my mood started to sink as I started to eat cookies. Imagine that. I ate 3, but did so willingly and knowing that I was making a choice. I must admit that they tasted delicious. What is it about some things that causes me to have no control. I never should have bought them. I need to buy things that I don't like. I had to provide cookies for church tonight and I bought some disgusting sugar cookies that I would never eat, but then I bought some chocolate chip cookies and they taunted me for the rest of the afternoon. I thought I could just take a few bites, but that didn't work. So, I had another one, and then after dinner, another one. This is a common occurance when I start having success. Big time self sabotage. So, I may take another walk tonight to burn off some of those calories. Tomorrow will be a new day and another chance. I have to focus on each meal. I am going to do myself a favor and just let it go.

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Ally said...

I think 3 is better than 10 I know I have a hard time stopping when it comes to cookies thats why I don't buy them and rarely bake them. I think with the kids going back to school you will get back in your routine and start feeling better!!!