Thursday, August 6, 2009

Emotions-Day 4

Things weren't looking good when I got up. I wasn't feeling well and I was worried about the day. Being able to fight off the headache was huge. It felt like a big accomplishment. I didn't take any advil today. I am happy with my progress and look forward to a time when this feels more natural and it does not take up every waking thought. I feel like I am constantly eating or preparing food or thinking about what I'll be eating next. Old habits are strong and it takes quite an effort to get past them. Being away from home this weekend will be a big test and I wish it was not so early on in the process. But, I've just got to try my best with every meal.

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Ally said...

I am so glad the headache went away. I know this is hard but it will become your lifestyle and you won't know how to live any other just takes time.