Friday, August 14, 2009

Eating-Day 12

I ate one strawberry before my run. It was not enough. I ate the rest after my swim with my omlette. I did not like the carrots in the omlette.

Snack was fine. I split up all 3 items over about 2 hours.

I finished my last 3 pesto pizzetas for lunch.

I had Kashi cereal and soy milk for my snack.

Then, I ate 1/2 a roll, and it went downhill. I went out to dinner. I had chicken tortilla soup (I could have asked for no cheese or sour cream to save on some fat and calories). I had a turkey burger with lettuce and tomato and avocado. I asked for the mayo on the side and added a little to each bun. I had a salad instead of fries. I chose ranch on the side, but could have picked a vinaigrette instead. Then, I ate 10-12 steak fries dipped in ranch and 1 chiken strip. I felt disgusting. That's definitely gonna show up in my weigh in.

Weight:213.3 (up .6 from yesterday)

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Ally said...

it is tough to eat out and eat healthy but it can be done....sounds like you know some better choices