Friday, August 7, 2009

Emotions-Day 5

I am a little nervous. Just when I think I can handle myself, I don't. We are leaving tomorrow and I will be in the unknown. It is so hard for me to be around food and not eat it. Today I am trying to stay up beat while the scale doesn't move. I tend to quickly get away from the strict menu and portion sizes. It is a trend. I am scared that I will get compacent again and not stick with the 30 day eating I have committed to. I would like to have at least one perfect day next week where I follow exactly what I outline at good time intervals. On the plus side, I did not have a headache again today. However, I haven't been falling asleep easily or sleeping very well. I feel kind of clogged up. But, again, I am determined. Knowing that I will write this at the end of the day has helped so for. I won't be writing tomorrow night, so I'll have to report on Sunday. Wish me luck!

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Ally said...

I know it is tough but you can do it!!!!